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    Arthur Aquatics Fish Food deals for the Club

    Arthur Aquatics Tropical Fish Food
    Price list exclusively for members of the Circle City Aquarium Club
    Item Lb. 2 Lb. 5 Lb. 25 lb.
    Tropical Flake 4.95 16.95 33.25 146.95
    Spirulina Flake 4.95 18.50 36.95 176.95
    Spirulina INTENSE Flake 4.95 19.95 47.95 233.95
    Color Enhancing Flake 4.95 18.95 40.95 195.95
    Goldfish Flake 3.95 14.95 33.95 139.95
    Cichlid Flake 4.95 18.5 35.95 169.95
    Earthworm Flake 4.95 18.95 45.95 223.95
    Beefheart Flake 4.95 18.50 42.95 199.95
    Egg Yolk Flake 4.95 18.95 38.95 199.95
    Spirulina Wafers 3.95 12.95 34.95 125.95
    Micro granules 2.95 9.95 24.95 145.95

    lb lb
    Blood Worms 13.95 24.95
    Tubifex 7.95 14.95
    Krill 8.95 19.95
    Plankton N/A N/A

    Free Shipping on orders over 40.00.
    Occasional two week lead time on orders over 5 lbs.
    Check, money order, paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express accepted.
    Foods manufactured in the United States by Zeigler Brothers Inc. (exceot freeze dried food it is from China) All ingredient lists are available at: Zeigler manufactures and private labels one of the large fish food brands available at your local fish store.
    Prices effective January, 2013 Prices subject to change. You can contact Mark Huffman for orders delivered to Club meetings

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    Apr 2012
    Greenwood, IN
    just got my food today from arthur aquatics. I am pleased with it and well so are the fish that will be getting it. But lets be serious, my angles are NOT pickey eaters!. Thanks again for the food and very fast shipping.

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    Mar 2012
    Is this a members only deal or is it available to anyone on the forum?

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    He said Club Members but I can still help whoever needs it. Just let me know.



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