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    Ancistrus sp. L 144

    What's the difference between Ancistrus sp. L 144 and Ancistrus sp.4?

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    Well, technically, sp.4 and L144 are the same thing. It is arguable, but ancistrus all around are a bit confusing. I know sp. 3 was reserved for non-albino and sp. 4 was for the "albino". There is discussion on whether they are truly albino or not and if we are in fact hybridizing the two species. There is a lot of talk that states that a lot of the ABN and BN plecos that are floating around are all probably just hybrids of some random combination of what was imported. There was not a lot of care taken in ensuring that the different locale variants and varieties were separated upon collection.

    There is nothing set in stone on the species other than the true L144 does not technically exist. When originally caught, the L144 was a single male specimen. They then cross bred the L144 with another ancistrus species in order to get fry. They propogated the species based on this one specimen.

    At least, this is how far I have been able to dig into so far.



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