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    Red face Starting with One tank to..Tank Obsessed!

    Two years ago I purchased two bettas and a gallon plastic tank.
    Knowing that was going to be too small I bought a new 36 gallon bowfront aquarium.

    Today I have 13 tanks with a total of 315 gallons.

    My fish room is now complete!!!!

    Lets hear other stories of starting out in the aquarium hobby

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    Seems thats the way it starts for most of us.

    I had approx 500 gallons of salt water and African cichlids back in the 90s. Gave it up, while playing and coaching several sports for me and the kids. Started back up 3 years ago. I started back with my favorite African cichlid i know well, then it seems everytime we have another speaker, or a clubber introducing me to something new, I set up a new tank

    Once kids are out of college, I hope to have my fishroom. Right now I have multiple fishhouses. Currently I have 9 tanks at a total of 800 gallons in 5 rooms at my house, and a few hundred more gallons located at parents and friends houses. Sometimes my fish dont even unpack their bags before they get moved out for the newest find. Seems like a sickness, but I do enjoy.


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    For me it started with a time wasting video game at work, Then work provided us with a betta for our desks. Next thing you know I'm researching on how to spawn bettas. I had actually gotten them to spawn but never took care of the fry. From there I played around with a planted 10 gallon tank with a bunch of Mollies in it. Now I'm up to 7 tanks and possibly setting up 2 more.

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    I’m one of those people that was fortunate to have a dad who enjoyed aquariums and I was basically born into the hobby. There’s never been a time in my life that I haven’t had an aquarium in my house. When I was about 5 my dad let me put a 10 gallon tank under his 55 gallon tank in the living room and the rest is history. My first fish were guppies.
    I’m 42 and I can honestly say that I have about 37 years of experience with tropical fish. It doesn’t make me any smarter though, just makes me feel more stupid when I make mistakes.

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    My mom had a tank full of swordtails when I was little and she would let me feed them. I got my first tank of my own for Christmas when I was 9. And another a few years after that. When I moved from California to Indiana it wasn't too long before I got a tank for my own room (even though my flatmate had a fish phobia - go figure!), and now that I have my own place I'm working on tank #4... contemplating the possibility of replacing one of them with a rack of 5-gallon tanks, but maybe I should just wait for the fish room when I get a house in a year (hopefully).

    Somewhere in there I got started with live plants, which would be more fun if I was more successful with them. I dabbled in marine briefly... Just enough to realize I wasn't doing it very well. It's kind of neat to see how this hobby can combine with some of my other hobbies, like using old tank water to water my plants and building my own LED light fixture.

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    I grew up around fish. My dad always had SA cichlids as I grew up. He had angels, jack dempsy, oscars and a type of tilapia called mozambique. The angels were in a 125 with SEVERAL differant types of plecos that are either VERY expensive now or you can't even find in the hobby anymore. He used to trade the angels fry for them. He had everal tanks that he breed the oscars and dempsy in as well. Then when i moved out on my own I always had a 29 gallon with just you typical community fish. Guppies, swordtails, corys and plecos. About 5 years ago i didnt have a tank set up and went to my storage and got my 29 and filled it with mbunas. The fun began! With in 2 months I had my 29, 2 55's a few 10's a 125 and a 75 all in a 2 bedroom apartment breeding all types of peacocks, haps and mbunas. then I made the jump to Tankgs. No I currently only have a 75 planted set up with angels, plecos and rams. A 29 planted with kribs, and swordtails, a 20 L growing out some vitatus fry, a 10 planted with cherry shrimp, a 29 with Hecquie and a 20 planted with guppies for feeders for all the other fish.
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    Joe D.

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    Well i got a 1 gallon hex when I was a kid and put an oscar and a pleco in it. When it outgrew that tank it got my father back into fish. We kept upgrading for the oscar until we got a 55. tried many different fish with him but just ended up with the pleco which was a blue eyed sailfin... really cool. I kept tanks off and on after I moved out until about a year ago we started again and found the club. Now we have a 75 tang tank, 72 bow angel, ram and pleco tank, 29 mbuna tank, 10 apisto and pleco tank (going to be moving to a 29), a 10 grow out tank, each of our boys have a 10 community tank, a 5 planted with cherry shrimp and celestial pearl danios and getting ready to setup a 20 for angel breeding.

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    Started back in 1986 I lived in Brownsburg. Got a 55gal. that year and filled it from pet stores from the west side of Indy, Trade winds, Tropical Fish Inn, Pet Connection, Animal adventure, Uncle Bills, and Speedway Pet Shop. I was able to pick up a Blue Eyed Pleco and a Blue Spotted Gobi for just a few bucks in Brownsburg with the 55gal. I was in high school at the time. My best friend, my brother, and I kept a few tanks till we graduated. My brother dropped out of it just after he graduated. My friend and I kept fish through college. Once we got out of college it started to become an obsession. I moved in with my girl friend and we had a spare bed room. So soon I had about 20 tanks through out the house, most in the bed room. They where stacked every where. Nothing bigger then 55 gal. My friend got me going in all this tank collecting. We would dig through the paper looking for used tanks on the cheap, with stands, or at least with equipment. This is about when the chain pet store started popping up. I want to say Petco was the one we would hit. They had small mixed African cichlids for $2.00 each which was cheap. I like central American and Tanganyikans cichlids the most, and of course the larger fresh water odd fish also. Around this time I had 50 fish or so. I started getting aquarium magazines and books about any thing fish related that same year. Some where, either my friend, or I found an add for the Circle City Aquarium. Can't remember if it was an add, or a card at the grocery store, maybe even in the paper, but either way we started showing up to the meetings in 1992. This was like free crack for some crack heads. There would be a guest speaker and auction after every meeting. I learned a lot about many different types of fish. I wish I could remember the guys name that had all the brackish water tanks. He made me have a liking for them. The auction where more than fair on prices and there were bags of fry, 6 or 7 in a bag. We would bid on all the cichlid and catfish there. Soon we had over 200 fish each. Some memorable fish from then where some wild caught chocolate cichlids and wild red rock kribensis. I still have some of the fancy fins from 92 thru 94. I ended up moving to St. Louis in 94. I took most of my fish with me. I slowly give many of these fish to my new friends and my new girlfriend. I seeded the obsession to a few of my new friend from giving away some of my stock, I kept my favorites. They started to die off in 2002. It is said to see many of them go after having them for so long. The last one from Indy 94 died 2009. When I got to St. Louis I traded a Managuense a 14" for a 3in Red Terror. A guy that I became friends with at work asked me about a thousand times if he could have the Managuense. I told him he need a big tank. Well he went out and bought a big tank. So the big guy went to my friends 100gal tank and the Terror went with me. That way he could live, since he would have had to live in the same tank if I didn't. That Terror just died this past fall 2012. Right now the oldest fish I have is from 2000 a lace cat. I am on my 3rd gen from some old school Jack Dempsey they are all very dark and most have a mixed pattern on them instead of having there dots in lines. Still have about 20 2nd gen adults from 3 back to back spawns in 2005. The 3rd gen are about 4 months old now. I only have 6 tanks up right now. 165, 2x120, 2x55, and a 27 hex. I still have about 18 or 20 tanks in storage. I am hoping that not to far from now we will sell and buy a home with a large basement. I have to really keep myself in check, so my wife can have peace of mind that there will not be a tank on every peace of furniture, ledge, or counter top in the house. I ran a 20 long tank years ago that I got carpet moss to grow a fine hair on over a rock shelf I made in the tank. I plugged the filter inlet up with a sponge and ran a plant light 24/7. This caused a slower drip in the tank and a lot of moss. I had a few Bichardi in there and soon they started breeding. I rarely feed this tank may once every other month. You could not see in the tank for over a year. My wife finally got me to clean it out. When I went to break it down there had to be over a 100 little guys in there. It was almost it's own ecosystem. Well I am getting close to 30 year in this now and still enjoy keeping fish.

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    It was the combination of seeing some National Geographic specials on sea life and the biodiversity of reefs, as well as going snorkeling/diving for the first time. Afterwards, I realized that I really wanted to have a piece of that amazing environment in my own, pretty dull, environment. So I started small, with a 29 gallon tank, which grew slowly to upwards of 200 gallons. More is often good, but not always - and my life situation right now isn't conducive to any more than 200 gallons or so.

    But, in the future...
    I write at, check it out!



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