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    Apistos - who is keeping what?

    I'm getting ready to do a painting for somebody of an Apistogramma trifasciatus and it got me thinking about Apistos. I've never kept them since they're softwater cichlids but then again they're small and I do collect rainwater. Anyway, it got me wondering who in the club is keeping and spawning Apistos and what kind?

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    I have some w/c apisto bitaeniata. They are still young and difficult for me to sex but I believe its 1 male and 3 female. Im keeping them in tap water just to see (GBR and discus have spawned in it). Fingers crossed.

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    I have several types of Apisto and they are all in regular Tap water./ Now I know some of these are low ph spawners but all in all they do fine in our city water. My city water anyway, Bloomington

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    I have several types of Apisto and they are all in regular Tap water./ Now I know some of these are low ph spawners

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    I've been keeping Apisto caucatoides triple-reds for several years now. They readily spawn in tap water. Temperature of 79 F is recommended to obtain the best chance at 50/50 male/female ratio to offspring. I still typically get 70% males though. I'd bet that lowering my pH would do the trick. My reco would be to start with this species - they're so many generations away from wild fish that the soft water requirement is gone. Also - you might want to check the CAFE club. Jeremy B. and several others up there have quite a bit of good luck with several Apisto. species.

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    I have a breeding pair of Apisto caucatoides triple-reds as well. I'll be turning in some for BAP points if/when we have a meeting. I can part with the parents once I turn the fry in for points.

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    I have a pair of triple reds I am working to get to spawn. I hope to have a bit more time to dedicate to them once the fish room is finished.



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