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Thread: Empire gudgeon

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    Empire gudgeon

    I came home fom the auction with a pair of young empire gudgeons. I didn't know a lot about them except what I quickly scanned from Google before buying them. Digging a little deeper today I read this:
    "Spawning occurs on pre-cleaned stones, wood or sea shells, and the number of the eggs can be 3000. They have the smallest eggs among fish (measuring only 0.32 mm in diameter). The male guards the eggs by keeping other fish away, until the tiny larvae hatch after about 24 hours (at a temperature of 25C), and this is where the real problems begin. In nature the fry would now be carried by the currents to the sea, where they feed around the estuaries. This is almost impossible to replicate under aquarium conditions. It may be worth increasing the salinity slowly over a period of a few days until the fry are in brackish conditions in order to raise them. Because of their small size, feeding is difficult. Normal first foods, such as rotifers, infusoria, etc. are not accepted. One option may be to carefully feed algae water (green-water), but no reports have been made about a totally succesful rearing."
    So I guess I won't be BAPing these anytime soon. Ha! I'm still excited to have them and want to put them with some of my rainbowfish since they're from Australia. And I want to see the male when he goes into spawning mode. Hopefully he'll look like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like its possible breed but its not going to be easy to raise the fry.
    "Dave" on the thread has done it, you might try contacting him for info if you want to breed them.
    Adam Anderson



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