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Thread: UV set up

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    UV set up

    All- I am hpoing someone could assist me on this. I have several Lifegard QL Series UV Sterilizers. I have QL 80's and QL120's I would like to use the same UV seterlizer unit for two 120 gallon tanks that have have independent Tidepool filters. How can I builsd a sump , plumb it, and balance the flow in and out of the two tanks. I do not care if the two tanks water is inter cahnged or maybe I can use a valve that would allow me to sterilize one tank for 12 hours and then the other??

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    Let me see if I understood. You want two tanks, plumbed independently with their own sumps and plumbing, except for the UV, correct?

    You would be better off to run a UV on each tank. There is not real easy way to setup a pump system that alternates between tanks without the risk of overflowing one or the other. The only real possibility would be to have extremely oversized overflows and a dual electronic solenoid valve setup that would switch based on timer settings. There might be issues with how/where the water pulls, if you would need multiple pumps, etc. I'd suggest running two idependent setups, or plumbing the two tanks together on one sump.



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