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Thread: my opinion

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    my opinion

    It has been posted to use the forum. I am happy to do so but I have a few problems with doing so. I did post a question some time ago it was several months befor anyone answered me. Onn the other hand I did not have a bunch of useless comments. I have had some problems with some members on facebook I am blocked from them but not in the forum. I find the forum is hard to navigate from a cell phone as I do not have a computer it is frustrating. It is nice to be able to find posts quickly. Thanks for reading.

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    I'm on this forum at least once a day but that doesn't mean I have an intelligent answer for the questions you might post...
    As far as the ease of use with a cell phone, I find it pretty simple but maybe that's just me. Are you clicking on the "what's new" button when you log on thru your phone? I know Bobby has said that we would like to upgrade this forum to make it easier. I believe he mentioned an app... The problem is that we are at the mercy of our benevolent host who donates his time, money and energy. As I understand it, he would be the one to make the upgrade and I don't think he has the time right now. Bobby knows more than me about it...

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    You are correct Roy. I am pushing to get the upgrades we neeed to go mobile. As soon as it is done, I will spread the words.

    With a new forum, you will have some questions that may or not get answers right away. Those that are active will have to be diligent in posting toensure that they activity grows. There is a stong tie between forum activity and forum growth.

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    In no way is my phone up to the navigation an udated one would help. lol It was really no big deal I had forgot I asked it and saw it in the new posts. I had forgotten for a few weeks but I was looking for new posts often. Know that I was reminded of the forum I will be reading new post I have learned a ffew things. I think the forum is great. My issues for not being more active but am around.



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