Just got done with ALL the HAP forms. Here is everything I have from 06-now.
Adam Anderson "13 110 pts "Principal"
Bill Flowers "06-"08 70 pts
Brian Lovins "06 20 pts
Chris Eichrodt "13 5 pts
Dustin Stonebraker "06-"07 230 pts "Advanced"
Fani Gunawan "08 25 pts
Guy Shoaf "13 125 pts "Principal"
Jenifer Ford "06 510 pts "Expert"
Jenifer Loftus "13 30pts
Joseph Driskill "13 345 pts "Senior"
Kelli and Ryan Barton "06-"07 300 pts "Senior"
Mike Mathews "07-"10 320 Pts "Senior"
Tarri Bain "13 90 pts

There it is! seems like 2006 was the most popular year for HAP in the CCAC. Lets make this year and next the most popular. I think it is cool to see all of the people that have been and still are active with HAP. Lets keep the plants a groing and have a good time!!