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    Betta Bubble Nest.... What next

    All- I have bred alot of fish but never Betta's. The male has built a bubble nest. What it te next step? Should I put a breeder net around the nest or leave it alone ? How do you tell if there are eggs in te nest and if tey have been fertilized?

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    Hi Indy Texy,

    I don't know if you are still trying to breed your bettas, but here is what I've learned from reading about it and trying to do it myself:

    The male needs access to the bubble nest until the eggs have hatched and the fry can swim on their own. Definitely take him out if he starts eating the fry though.

    He should eat the unfertilized eggs. Those usually get a fungus and turn white.

    The fertillized eggs that fall to the bottom of the tank, he should pick up with his mouth and spit into the bubble nest.

    Here is one of my favorite website on bettas and has good info on breeding:
    Katie Kogler
    Keeping Bettas and Sunfish

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    Im breeding bettas in a 10 gallon fish tank and its often successful because there is not very large fish tank and not too small. I think its perfect for a couple of bettas!
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