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Thread: DIY fish food

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    DIY fish food

    Hey everyone, I decided to make a post about DIY fish food. As most of you probably know, fish food can get expensive. The cheap stuff will (might?) keep them alive, but the better stuff is also more expensive. And if you've got a lot of fish, that can add up and eat into your budget, especially if you're buying specialty foods. So here are a couple of recipes that I've found on the 'net. It would be good to have a blender to make this stuff, and a nice sharp knife. Here goes:

    Put fruits and veggies like carrots, broccoli, apples, lettuce, etc. in a blender, along with some shrimp and crab legs (you can keep the shells on). Blend it, add some liquid if it seems too thick (juice or just plain water). Boil about 100 ml of water and add unflavored gelatin to it, then mix the two sets (veggie mush and gelatin mix) together. Put in in a container of some sort, place in the fridge, wait for it to harden, then use as needed.

    Mix grounded soy beans, grounded corn, whole wheat flour, garlic powder, eggs, dehydrated milk and azomite together. Put it in the oven for 2 or 3 hours at 180F, the end product should be something like a crumble.

    Remember to let your fish transition from the previous feed to the new one, and pay attention to whether they like it or not. If they seem uninterested, that's not so good, and you might try tweaking it. But if they can't get enough of it - excellent! You've hit on a good thing.

    Hope this helped!

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    Be careful with the inclusion rates things such as the soy bean, corn, and flour. Many fish aren't able to process this in high quantities. Eating too much of them can lead to intestinal blockages and bloat. Other than that, trying your hand at your own food is a fun way to give treats to your fish.

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    I know its not DIY, but I like to take a boiled cucumber to my fish, they like it, especially catfish!
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