I am on a mission. I love my fish and my aquarium hobby, but have not been passionate about it enough lately to take my tank to the next level. I was reading some articles on blogs about adjusting the pH of my tank and noticed some blogs do a monthly roundup of the best tanks.

I have a relatively small tank, but I noticed a 30 gallon tank on one of the lists. I started looking closer at the pictures to figure out what makes those tanks special, at least compared to mine.

The things that seem to standout are lighting, arrangement, and creating a natural looking reef environment. I guess the other item that should be mentioned is extreme cleanliness. Those tanks are some of the most pristine I have ever seen.

I am curious what other factors you can think of if you wanted your tank to make a top list like that?

From my observations, it looks like the fish in the tank are almost secondary to the rest of the setup. The tank is the primary focus with the fish almost appearing to be the accessories to the coral reef setup.

I need your tips as motivation to improve my tank and collection of fish. Implementing your tips is the perfect way to inspire myself to invest a little more money, and a lot more time into taking my tank from ok to great.

On a side note, have any of you seen one of the BiOrb aquariums they reviewed recently. It looks like a great small aquarium for my office, but I have not seen one in person and would hate to order one online sight unseen.