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A federal judge in Philadelphia declined Wednesday to approve a proposed $765 million concussion settlement between the NFL and a group of retired players. District Judge Anita B. Brody's ruling was more of a procedural housekeeping item. The ruling was submitted electronically late Cheap authentic jerseys Tuesday and was announced Wednesday. court appearanceApril 15, 2014 By Kate Mather, This post has been updated and corrected, as indicated below.Former NFL star Darren Sharper is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday, his latest hearing in the ongoing legal saga involving sexual assault allegations in five states. Too much NFL for advertisers?April 15, 2014 By Joe FlintAfter the coffee. The Skinny: I'm on the East Coast right now so the blood moon happened past my bedtime. The pictures looked cool though. I survived my Seder. Now I just need to burn off the meal and hope the rain doesn't mess with my flight. Today's headlines include a look at Turner Broadcasting as it begins an executive overhaul. Also, looks like David Fincher won't direct a Steve Jobs biopic for Sony Pictures. Finally, will CBS' carrying prime time football keep commercial rates for ESPN and NBC's football coverage from rising?Unnamed NFL executive calls Jadeveon Clowney 'spoiled' and 'lazy'April 14, 2014 Wholesale nfl jerseys By Chuck SchilkenJadeveon Clowney is slated as one of the top picks, if not the top pick, in just about every mock NFL draft out there. But at least one NFL executive isn't impressed with the South Carolina defensive end. Or so he says. anonymously. "He's never worked hard a day in his life, now all of a sudden you're going to give him a bunch of money and expect him to work hard. I don't see it. A year later Tim Tebow was drafted in the first round, 25th overall by the Denver Broncos. But McCoy has gone on to become a star, leading the NFL in rushing last season, while Tebow couldn't even find a team to play for in 2012. Still, McCoy's recent assessment of the former Heisman Trophy winner and two time NCAA champion seemed a tad harsh. "My son is 2," McCoy told TMZ at LAX on Saturday night.Former NFL player Darren Sharper is slated for a hearing next week in Phoenix to decide whether he can continue to be held in a Los Angeles County jail without bail on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted two women in Tempe last year. The Arizona charges are the latest against the Super Bowl Elite nfl jerseys winning safety who has been charged with sexually assaulting four women and is under investigation Wholesale nfl jerseys in connection with another four assaults on women across several states. Made with the league's complete cooperation, not to mention its spiritual blessing, this is an earnest and way contrived endeavor that manages, due largely to Costner's efforts, to be genially diverting in a gee whiz kind of way. Unless you're a committed pro.