Alibaba to launch video streaming service

Your comment is spot on. but I think that many people will trend away from piracy as attractive alternatives emerge. I think iTunes would have still been a huge success (although certainly less) even if Napster had stuck around for longer than it did.And if the Chinese government is serious about cracking down on selling Cheap authentic nfl jerseys fake goods (that one official certainly skewered BABA publicly), then I would expect piracy to get some attention/ focus eventually.And their government is more likely to act if it is a Chinese company being hurt than if it is a foreign one. JMHOPiracy is a big problem in over past decades in China. But the situation has been changed few years ago. Actually, it was changed when the three bigs, BAT, found the new business models. But, now, BAT buy the licenses from producers, setting free for all. And then, they made profit from third parties, like advertisers. It's possible in China's markt, because there's a big population. So, people don't have to buy or download any piracy, but they still can enjoy songs and most of the movies. People may have to pay for new moives. But it won't cost too much. Like Youku Tudou TV, a VIP member only cost $20 a month. Members can unlimitedly watch 1080 HD movies and drama series without NHL jerseys china ADs. Only few of them are needed to pay extra $2.5. What is the concept of $20 in China nowsaday? It's a Big Mac sandwich's price. The buying power of Chinese people is so defferent in few years ago. Therefore, they don't have to find movies and songs from piracy. In fact, Chinese regulators realize how import the intellectual property is. If they don't be serious from now on, the Chinese enterprises will never find the way to make something creative with good quality in order to compete with other global corporates in different high end areas in future. Xi Jinping, Chairman of China, is a crazy guy. He changed China ever a lot, a lot, and a lot. I love this guy."Low barrier to entry". Guffaw. What planet are you from? $4B a year in content spend before your first $8/mo customer. The barriers to entry are insane. Not the least of which huge swaths of programming are ALREADY locked up under "EXCLUSIVE" licensing arrangements. Go to the dictionary to read what "exclusive" means. I don't underestimate Baba, as I own its shares too, but Viki's ad supported biz model and non exclusive content is more at risk than NFLX. Reality is that all will succeed. Oh you didn't know who Viki is? Why don't you download the app and do a tiny bit of due diligence before offering your brilliant insight about "low barriers to entry" and other nuggets of wisdom.Let's run down that list (and a few others) for comparisons and contrasts:Acorn $4.99, similar to Netflix in business model, focused on British stuff; I am sure it is very nice, but it will not kill Netflix.Crackle It is free, supported by ads. It can be okay for occasional use, but Netflix has me loving an ad free model.Hulu Plus It has ads, plus you pay for the service. Not a great combination.HBO Go This requires a cable or satellite subscription, yuck!HBO Now It is only available via an Apple product now and an Apple customer would miss out on other services that Apple does not carry, such as Amazon Prime. But if someone does want HBO Now, they can get it from Apple for $14.99 AND can also get Netflix from Apple, still for less than a traditional cable plan.Amazon Prime It is low cost, ad free, and I love it, just as I do Netflix. But its content is different enough that it makes sense to enjoy Amazon Prime AND Netflix, again at a fraction of the cost of cable. However, beware the Amazon come ons for non Prime pay per view stuff.Vudu and M Go These are pay per view services exclusively. The cost per movie is often $5 or more; for the frequent viewer of video content that could even be worse than cable. Yuck! Stay away from pay per view. Besides, most of that content is available for a two day wait via the very nice, low cost Netflix DVD rental service.All in all, whether good or bad, those other streaming services are certainly not Netflix killers.I don't own any Apple products and use HBO Now. I just stream it from my web browser on my computer to my tv with Chromecast. The Apple partnership should expire at some point and hopefully then there will be an HBO Now app on my smart tv.While none of them are Netflix killers they do add competition, I doubt very few subscribe to more than one or two services.Alibaba having the home field and known name advantage in China. If they develop an attractive system and deliver content that the Chinese people want it could dethrone Netflix in China as they are not fully developed there yet. Who knows at this point you are the one that is confused. I have 500 channels on my television but only one of them shows Game of Thrones (exclusive to HBO), and only one of them showed the NBA Finals (since that was exclusive to ABC for Broadcast only), or only one of them has Daredevil (the Marvel property that is exclusive on Netflix). Surely I acould have wathed TNT who is offering linear binging on Law Order, or view current seasons of White Collar, which can only be found on USA Network. And Vudu, like Apple iTunes, Google Play, Samsung MEdia, or Amazon, or what is offered on every single cable pay per view system is a non exclusvie pay per view and digital locker (for content you hav epurchase ddigitally or otherwise have purchaed in a DVD bundle with the mvoie industrry's Ultraviolet platform) unfortunately it is not a subscription streaming service.You are absolutely correct biobat, that there are thousands of outlets competing for eye balls and entertainment attention (including a gazillion cat trick videos on YouTube), however, programming networks curate and program a selection of content to differentiate their networks. I actually subscribe to them all, or pretty much, all, because I have the disposable income that if they offer me something worthwhile that I cant get elsewhere, they offer me economic utility. So I have Netflix as the largest library, HBO to watch HBO programming, Hulu Plust (to get current season major network fare), Crackle to get bargain bin Sony content that is simply easier to look through since such tiny library, Amazon Prime (because I liekthe free shipping and it now offers some content that Netflix doesnt offer the originals are pretty low brow, but so is the Biggest Loser on NBC), Watch ESPN,