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    27g Cube tank with filter and light $100

    Hello all, first post here. Always had aquariums but just now getting seriously back into them.

    I ended up getting a really great deal on a 56g cube and really no longer have a need for this. The pic is of the tank/stand new. It does still have fish in it, i'm in a transition period of moving them to the new tank/finding a new home for the fish. I expect the aquarium will be ready for pickup/delivery by 6/19-16. I used to do a lot of aquascaping and this tank was amazing for that. Never seen saltwater.

    -Marineland 20x18x20 tank
    -Marineland stand
    -Aquatop CF400uv
    ........brand new mechanical filters(in box/unused)
    ........brand new uv sterilizing bulb(in box/unused)
    -45ish lbs of seachem flourite(gravel) in the tank
    -30" single flourescent light (fits nicely corner to corner)
    -----------$100 for everything above--------------

    -20" Odyssea T5 HO Quad Light Fixture(I'd put new light bulbs in)
    -20" Odyssea T5 HO Double Light Fixture(I'd put new light bulbs in)
    ----------- Add $25 for this lighting-----------------

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    That is the stand and tank

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    Very beautiful tank. Where do you buy it? Which 75 gallon aquarium filter you use for the tank. Is it a 30 gallon fish tank filter?
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    Keeping fish is very happy, I have started with my first 5 gallon fish tank and then I understand a 20 gallon fish tank kit is better for a beginer. Then I decide to buy my new aquarium with a best canister filter for it.



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