Keeping Knife Livebearer is a beautiful Livebearer fish, you can keep it in your 20 gallon aquarium

Keeping in communities aquarium tanks: Can be aggressive with conspecifics, so it is best to keep them in an aquarium with their own species.

Food for fish: Omnivorous; Unfussy, eats everything from live foods to flakes.

Regeneration and fish breeding: Easy to breed.

Optimal aquarium tank size (gallon): At least 20 gallon aquarium.

Amount of fish per gallon: 2 pairs for 25 gallon aquarium tank.

Aquatic plants and decor: Needs a tank with dense vegetation and open areas for swimming. Decorate the tank with roots and rocks. A strong filter and a regular changing of the water is necessary.

Optimal temperature: 24-28 C.

Optimal pH: 6-8.

Water hardness (dH): 5-20.

Lifespan: They can live for 3-5 years.